Cinta Pulsómetro HRM Run

Garmin Cinta Pulsómetro HRM Run

Garmin Cinta Pulsómetro HRM Run

Garmin Cinta Pulsómetro HRM Run

Cinta / Pulsómtero para Garmin.


The HRM-Run heart rate monitor provides the most advanced career metrics for the Forerunner ® High-end Garmin. The strap is fashionable, seamless and easily adjustable, and the module is small, lightweight and fits perfectly with the width of the strap.

HRM-Run provides 6 race dynamics metrics:

  • Cadence: number of steps per minute.
  • Vertical oscillation: degree of "suspension" during the movement you make when running; shows the vertical movement of your torso, measured in centimeters at each step.
  • Contact time with the floor: amount of time the foot is in; on the ground in each step you take when running, measured in milliseconds.
  • Balance of time of contact with the ground: shows the left / right balance of the contact time with the ground when running (shows a percentage); for example, 53.2 with an arrow pointing to the left or to the right.
  • Stride length: stride length from one footprint to the next, measured in meters.
  • Vertical relationship: relation of the vertical oscillation with the stride length (shows a percentage); a low number usually indicates better career technique.

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