Shimano XT M8100 12V

Shimano XT M8100 12V

Shimano XT M8100 12V

Shimano XT M8100 12V

Right control XT M8100 12 speeds.


With lateral and rotational adjustment options, the ISPEC-EV shift buttons, which are carefully screwed to the brake lever, offer the solution to personalize the pedaling sensation. Rubber padding and two-way drive further drive the improvements when changing. The right-hand push button (SL-M8100-IR) uses a multiple-acting function to act quickly on the gears and, for users using a 2x12 configuration, a single lever on the left (SL-M8100-IL) moves the front derailleur both up and down accurately. The DEORE XT M8100 pushbuttons are also available in a version with clamping band. Weight of the push buttons: SL-M8100-IR: 120 g, SL-M8100-IL: 73 g, SL-M8100-R: 117 g, SL-M8100-L: 78 g.

RAPIDFIRE PLUS, Mountain Riders have been using RAPIDFIRE PLUS since 1985. RAPIDFIRE PLUS remains the first choice for a wide variety of cyclists, from XC competitors to freeriders. RAPIDFIRE PLUS is suitable for quick change, and allows the rider to reduce three gears at once. All RAPIDFIRE PLUS shifters, from SHIMANO DEORE to XTR, feature 2WAY-RELEASE, which means that the change can be triggered by pulling with your finger or pressing with your thumb. This shifter can be installed on the inside or outside of the brake lever.

MULTI RELEASE, The previous systems of change made the change more quickly in one direction than in the other. Choosing between upper normal and lower normal always involved sacrificing the speed of the change in one direction. Now, with the new CHANGE MOST, you can change two parameters with a single lever operation. The result: the quickest possible change in both directions regardless of the choice of the rear derailleur.

2WAY-RELEASE, The RAPIDFIRE PLUS derailleur drive lever is usually called a trigger, because it works like a gun, by pressing the trigger. The operating lever of the new RAPIDFIRE PLUS derailleurs of the SHIMANO ALIVIO to XTR groups can be operated in the same way, but also with the possibility of activating a drive lever by pressing with the thumb.

INSTANT RELEASE, The INSTANT RELEASE change replaces the two-step click and release change to which we are accustomed. With the INSTANT RELEASE change, the cable is released as soon as the lever is actuated, so that the gear change is carried out as quickly as possible. Whether it's an upshift with a higher normal rear shift or a downshift with a lower normal rear shift, a faster change is always a better change.


  • RAPIDFIRE PLUS shifter
  • 35% less operating force of the change (compared to SL-M8000-R) 20% faster access to the main lever
  • The speed and ease of changes intensify focus and control
  • Weight: 117 g
  • Clamp
  • RD compatible type: 12-speed
  • Multiple changes m & x. (main / rear handle): 4
  • Multiple bearing structure: 2

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