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Maxxis is an international tyre manufacturer for many types of vehicles and means of transport, with great recognition in the cycling sector. Maxxis, with more than 50 years of history, has a mission to offer the best tyres on the market. The company is currently one of the 10 largest tyre manufacturers worldwide.

Few are the cyclists who have not heard of Maxxis 29 tyres, or the best-selling Maxxis Ikon, Maxxis Ardent and Maxxis Rekon. These are some of the most well-known models, but Maxxis has other quality products in their ranges of MTB , road, gravel, urban and BMX tyres. Maxxis also has a good number of tubular tyres, which is a type of closed tyre used mainly for high competition, road and cyclocross. The different Maxxis inner tubes in the most popular and best-selling sizes, complete their catalogue.

Maxxis Tyres for MTB Bicycles

Maxxis presents an extraordinary collection for mountain biking disciplines. The Maxxis MTB range is probably the widest produced for cycling, by the brand.
Depending on the type of MTB, a large number of Maxxis models are available, with ideal features, in terms of the compounds used for the centre for faster rolling, the more aggressive tread compounds, the casing, sidewalls, section, diameter, and so on.
We have already mentioned some of the models most appreciated by users, but there are many more:

  • Maxxis CrossMark: these tyres have been part of the Maxxis catalogue for a long time and have been redesigned to improve traction and are available in various sizes. Their main use is for XC, making them ideal for compact and loose soil with medium humidity. Versions are available for inner tubes and tubeless.

  • Maxxis High Roller: various sizes and technologies are available, for use on all mountain bikes and also on enduro bikes. It is a versatile tyre that can be used on the front or rear wheel, depending on the rider's expectations.

  • Maxxis Minion: a front tyre for compact, dry, loose and wet soil. For trail, enduro and downhill depending on the version.

  • Maxxis Ardent: XC tyre with medium-height tread and staggered sidewall knobs for good cornering grip.

  • Maxxis Rekon: an "aggressive" trail and XC tyre for intermediate and technical terrain..

  • Maxxis Ikon: a tyre with a generous profile for comfortable riding on mixed terrain.

  • Maxxis Aspen: a tyre that is seen in many XC competitions, lightweight, with extraordinary rolling and good lateral grip, perfect for hard terrain, but also works well when the surface is a bit loose.

  • Maxxis Aggressor: clearly designed for high speeds in enduro and downhill. Its tread pattern is designed to maintain stability on the terrain.

Maxxis Tyres for Road Bikes

Maxxis has also come a long way when it comes to tyres designed for road riding.

Here are some of the best-known models:

  • Maxxis High Road: the all-purpose tyre, for many uses, on road. The new versions have an improved tread and are lighter. There are versions available for conventional use, with inner tubes, and also tubeless ready versions (marked as TR at Maxxis).

  • Maxxis Pursuer: a specific tyre for sport and high performance on long distance "gran fondo" routes.

  • Maxxis Dolomites: suitable for performance during high competition, to tackle long climbs followed by long descents. A tyre used by several high-level teams.

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  • Maxxis Road tyres

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Maxxis Tyres for Gravel Bikes

Thanks to the extensive know-how of Maxxis in MTB and road tyres, it is logical that the brand produces tyres for a newer discipline that does not stop growing and evolving. The gravel range is still much smaller than the MTB range, but new models and versions are sure to continue to appear.

Here are some of the current models for gravel bikes:

  • Maxxis Rambler: a tyre with a small, highly compact tread in the central area, with more aggressive lugs on the sides. Rambler versions are available with various proprietary technologies and widths from 38 to 50 mm.

  • Maxxis Ravager: a tyre for slightly more technical and aggressive gravel terrain. Optimal for adventure gravel, on various types of difficult terrain.

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