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    BASSO  Vega Gravel Apex 1x11 MX25 2023
    3,127.79 € 4,199.00 €
    BASSO  Vega Gravel Apex 1x11 MX25 2023
    3,127.79 € 4,199.00 €
    BERGAMONT Ebike E-Grandurance Elite 2022
    3,199.20 € 3,999.00 €
    ORBEA  Gain D30 1X 2023
    3,999.00 €

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    Electric Gravel bikes: The Best Options at Mammoth

    The electric gravel bike is a type of bicycle that greatly increases the possibilities for some cyclists who practice gravel and other similar disciplines. There are leading brands that have already detected the potential of this type of bike. For this reason there has been on the market, for a relatively short time, BH electric gravel bikes, Specialized electric gravel bikes, Mondraker electric gravel bikes, Cannondale electric gravel bikes, etc.

    The gravel cycling discipline seems unstoppable and the number of new proposals, models, finishes and configurations is countless. In reality, it is a discipline in continuous evolution and in which there are no clear parameters that define the perfect gravel bike for everyone. The choice will depend a lot on the type of routes that each cyclist takes and how he/she approaches them.

    Ultimately, everything will depend on our tastes, preferences, and expectations, but the electric gravel bike is a valid alternative to the electric mountain bike and the electric road bike, in many circumstances. In certain cases we will be able, with the same electric gravel bike, to accompany cyclists from these other disciplines, as long as the limits are not sought in each one of them.

    When we want to ride longer, controlling the level of effort, in addition to being able to leave the road or the asphalt, the electric gravel bike will be a perfect option forcycling adventures on almost any type of terrain.

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