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The Brompton and the Brompton electric, are high quality folding bikes, designed to have a long life span and they are perfect for daily commuting. It all started in 1975, with Andrew Ritchie's original concept of urban touring bikes or city bikes.

Brompton bikes are designed to fold in record time, into a compact package, which is made possible, thanks to their 16-inch wheels. When folded, they are very easy to transport for any type of urban cyclist. Another great advantage of these bikes, is that they can be stored in very small spaces, once folded. For this reason, they are usually permitted as hand luggage on public transport.

Another distinguishing feature of these bicycles is the handcrafted manufacturing process of each unit, made entirely in London.

Brompton Londres

The collection consists of five product lines: A Line, C Line, Electric C Line, P Line and T Line. Each specification is designed to meet the needs and expectations of different users. Brompton bikes are individually numbered and come with a 7 year Brompton warranty on registered units.

The Folding Brompton Bike Collection

  • Brompton A Line: super simple and practical folding bikes, one-size-fits-all, 3-speeds and with a sturdy 3-part folding "White" steel frame, made in London. In this case they are not equipped with mudguards or lights as standard.

  • Brompton C Line:in this series, with a 3-part folding steel frame (like all Brompton bikes), you can choose the type of handlebars, frames in a multitude of colours and either 2, 3 or 6 speed versions. The optimised C Line bikes are available in different finishes to suit every need: Urban and Explore. The Explore model is designed to cover the longest distances.

  • Brompton P Line: the Brompton series of lightweight folding bikes. Weighing 1.55 kilos less than the Brompton A Line thanks, in part, to its titanium rear and the latest components. Its lighter weight allows it to move more easily, as well as making it easier to fold and carry. Available in Urban finish. It includes mudguards as standard and lights can be included as an option.

  • Brompton T Line: these folding bicycles are super light weight, at under 8 kilograms. This is achieved with a full titanium frame, together with carbon components such as cranks, handlebars and fork. Available in One and Urban finishes. The One finish is equipped with a single-speed drivetrain for minimum weight and maximum simplicity. The Urban, on the other hand, is equipped with a 4-speed gearbox with an ideal ratio for urban journeys.

  • Brompton C-Line Explore Fire Coral
  • Brompton C-Line Explore Fire Coral

Brompton C-Line Explore Fire Coral

  • Brompton Electric C Line: the folding electric bike with pedal assist system that gives you the extra power you need to cover your urban journeys with ease. The motor is integrated in the front wheel and the battery is located in a bag on the handlebars. It retains the successful folding system of all other Brompton bikes and folds down to a similar volume. Available in Urban and Explore finishes. Smart Pedal Assist can be set to start when you decide, depending on your needs. Integrated mudguards and lights are included as standard.

  • Brompton Electric C Line Explore
  • Brompton Electric C Line Explore
  • Brompton Electric C Line Explore
Brompton Electric C Line Explore

Brompton Bags and Accessories

In Mammoth shops you can also buy other original Brompton products, such as handlebars, seat posts, bags and saddlebags, mudguards, components for electric Brompton bikesand some more accessories

And for customers who like to proudly display their passion for the brand, there is also a complete line of personalised Brompton clothing, including T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, tubulars and more.

Accessories Brompton Brompton Accessories

Brompton Best Sellers at Mammoth

There is always a product that stands out from the rest in any of the brands marketed by Mammoth, and Brompton is no exception. A good example is the special C-Line Black Edition Explore Gloss Black / Gloss Black series. Manufactured in small batches, in limited units and inspired by urban night rides, it appears on sale only a few times a year.

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If you are looking to purchase a Brompton bike, you may already know that we provide the widest range of products and best professional advice at our Mammoth shops and here, at our online store. We have been specialists and enthusiasts of the Brompton world, for many years, and we will be glad to give you advice. At Mammoth, you will always get the best Brompton offers, with the most affordable Brompton prices.