Which are the best bicycle brands in terms of value for money?

There are hundreds of bicycle brands and many articles ranking the best ones. But, except for a few brands that are ever present, the disparity of the ones highlighted in each ranking is great, because there are many aspects to consider.

What are the best brands of bike?

The choice depends on multiple factors and any list will always be conditioned or biased by some of them, such as the location of the person or means that we make the selection, as not all brands are marketed in all countries. Personal preferences and the discipline most practiced will also play a role. And even commercial interests.

We will be honest in saying that we have taken into account for our list the brands that we have previously selected for our stores. However, we have the widest range of products in the sector, for which we have made an important selection. Among the dozens of brands we work with, most of the best are present. However, there are more great quality brands, which are sure to appear in other lists.

In our ranking of the best bicycle brands, there are those that lead the market undisputed, but also those that offer the best value for money. Because the most important factor in deciding which is the best bicycle is that it meets our needs and fits our budget.

Another aspect that we have taken into account is that, apart from the generalist brands that manufacture all types of bicycles, others excel only in some disciplines or manufacture only one type.


Founded in 1974, Specialized became the first global cycling brand with a catalog that offers bicycles, components and accessories, and is distributed worldwide. It began manufacturing road bikes and touring bikes, but, attentive to the birth of mountaing biking in California, which was practiced with handcrafted bikes, in 1981 they launched the first standard production mountain bike, Stumpjumper, which later evolved to full suspension. Then came other iconic mountain bikes such as the Epic, with its intelligent shock absorber, and revolutionized the electric bike segment with the Turbo Levo, also making Specialized one of the best brands in the mountain bike segment.Turbo Levo, also making Specialized one of the best electric bike brands.

Among road bikes, the Tarmac is a high-performance reference among professional teams. In Gran Fondo bikes, they marked the future with the Roubaix and its Future Shock system, created for the cobblestones of the Paris-Roubaix classic. And they did it again with Gravel bikes, when they launched the Diverge model, culminated recently with the new Diverge STR, which adds Future Shock at the rear.

The word S-Works, with which they name their top-of-the-line products, has become the most desired range in the cycling world. For all these reasons, Specializedis probably the best bicycle brand in the world.


Ed Scott founded the brand in 1958 in the United States, manufacturing equipment for winter sports and motocross. In 1978 it moved its headquarters to Switzerland, where it began manufacturing bicycles in 1986. Since then, Scott has become one of the best cycling brands, with an extensive catalog that includes all types of accessories. It also manufactures components under the Syncros

brand name.

It has successful bicycles in all disciplines. Its emblematic road models are the racing Addict or the aerodynamic Foil, used by leading cycling teams. They have also developed interesting proposals in Gravel, and a large collection of electric bikes.

But it is in MTB bikes where Scott has marked its greatest mark of innovation, with the Twin Lock system, exclusive of the brand for FS bikes. With a single knob, it allows you to change both suspensions between three positions: open, traction and total lockout, also modifying the travel and geometry of the bike in the intermediate position. Its Spark model has gone down in the history of mountain biking with its most important ambassador, Nino Schurter.

The exclusive Twin Lock system and the ingenious rear suspension integration they debuted with the Spark 2022, place Scott among the best mountain bike brands.


At Orbea, they were already manufacturing bikes in the thirties and this century-old Spanish brand has become one of the greats of international cycling. Innovative and with its own proposals, Orbea has placed several of its models among the best in each category. The Orbea Orca road model has been among the world's elite for decades. But it was the mountain bikes that definitively launched the brand internationally, with models such as Rallón Alma, Oiz and, more recently, the electric Orbea Rise. We consider it as one of the best brands of mountain bikes, although its catalog covers all disciplines, including urban and children's bikes, always with excellent value for money.

Giant and Liv

This Taiwanese "giant" is the world's largest bicycle manufacturer, because it also manufactures for other brands. The Giant catalog is global and covers all types of cycling components, accessories and accessories with a wide variety. They were pioneers by launching Liv, a specific brand of bicycles and accessories for women, with a catalog parallel to that of the parent brand.

The Maestro system, patented for full suspension MTB bikes, is one of its main innovations. It combines a virtual pivot with a connecting rod system, and is one of the most reliable and effective on the market. Almost all of their FS bikes use it.

They complete their catalog with urban bikes, children's bikes and road and gravel bikes. And, from all of them, they have developed a complete and competitive collection of electric-assist bicycles. In their extensive collection, the carbon fiber models stand out, a material with which they are masters, offering a very interesting balance of value for money. Without a doubt, Giant is one of the best brands of bicycles in terms of value for money.


This American brand is the most rebellious with the current trends at all times and has always made very differentiating proposals, with more or less success. For example, it pioneered the use of oversized tubes on road bikes and invented the BB30 bottom bracket system, which has since become widespread. But its undisputed hallmark is the Lefty single-sided suspension fork.

The Cannondale catalog covers all types, currently highlighting its Super Six models for road, Scalpel for MTB in its hardtail and FS double versions, Moterra in electric MTB and the Topstone model, which is its proposal for gravel.


The other giant of Taiwan, where the bicycle industry centralized its production massively, until China burst in as a large global factory. Merida consolidated its popularity in Spain with an illustrious ambassador such as José Antonio Hermida, who is still linked to the brand today. The Big Nine, Ninety-Six and One-Sixty models for MTB, and the emblematic Merida Scultura for road bikes. We advise you to take a look at the complete Merida catalog on our website.


The Spanish brand Mondraker is focused almost exclusively on conventional and electric mountain bikes. Since its creation in 2001, it has been at the forefront of innovation with contributions such as the Forward Geometry, which anticipated the current widespread trend in MTB bikes, and the ZERO Suspension Sistem for rear suspensions, which unabashedly challenges the technical proposals of the major international brands. Its expansion is continuous and its bicycles are increasingly popular, with some cult models for its followers, such as F-Podium, Foxy or Crafty. It also has interesting proposals in urban mixed bikes, Gravel and children's bikes, but all electric. On our website, you can see the complete catalog of Mondraker.



The health and dynamism of the cycling sector in Spain is reflected in the success of new brands, which join the group of the historical ones. Among these, MMR is one of those that have reached the elite in world competition, achieving glory with the bronze medal won by Carlos Coloma in the Rio Olympic Games, in 2016. The international success of the MMR Factory Team have consolidated its national and international image, and competition has been the testing ground for models with an excellent quality-price ratio such as the Rakish hardtail, Kenta full suspension or X-Bolt eMTB, which has become a top seller in the market. And they have not neglected the road, with its Adrenaline model, used by the UCI ProTeam Caja Rural Seguros RGA team. It is worth taking into account the MMR catalog, in which you will also find gravel, urban and children's bikes.


And we close the list of generalist brands with Megamo, which in 1987 began manufacturing bicycles in Girona. It was born associated with Bike Trial and the newborn MTB in Spain, with presence in the competitions of these disciplines. It also manufactures road, city and children's bikes and, of course, electric bikes. However, the greatest weight has been achieved in MTB, with bikes such as the "full suspension" Track or the hardtail Factory, which place Megamo as one of the best brands for mountain bikes in terms of value for money.

But they have also surprised with their Gravel bikes, Jackar aluminum and West carbon, which have become best sellers of Megamo, for their quality and low price.


Among the specialized brands, we have to highlight those that manufacture folding bikes, because of the added difficulties in the design of this type of bike. And there are two brands that stand out on their own merits and deserve to enter this list of the best bicycle brands.

Brompton is for us the best brand of folding bikes. They base their collection on a single refined frame for almost fifty years and manufacture all their bikes by hand in the London factory. They fold and unfold in just 20 seconds, have the most compact size in their category and offer multiple configurations, including the Brompton Electric.


Dahon is the second folding bike brand we were referring to, with a wide price range and great design and manufacturing quality. We list it as one of the best folding bikes for value for money.


And we finish the list with Woom, a brand specializing in children's bikes that manufactures the lightest bikes on the market with high standards of quality and safety in their design.

In the children's bicycles section, you will find a wide variety of models for the little ones and with an excellent balance of value for money. But, if we are looking for the best brand of children's bicycles, our choice is Woom.

At the Mammoth stores and at Mammoth online, you will find all the brands mentioned in the article, along with many others that complete the offer to meet the needs of all cyclists.

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