The Top Six Electric Folding Bikes

Electric-assist bike technology has been embraced by all cycling disciplines, even folding bikes, which made it much more complex to integrate the electric components, but manufacturers solved the difficulties with skill, and even brilliance, in some cases.

Brompton Electric folding bicycle Brompton Electric

Here is a brief reminder of the main advantages of electric motor-assisted pedalling, especially in urban environments, which is where most folding bikes are used:

  • The rider chooses the level of power with the electric assistance modes.
  • E-bikes push the limits imposed by a conventional bike, due to lack of training, injury, illness, for example.
  • E-bikes avoid excessive sweating, which makes them particularly appealing to bike commuters, who don’t get to shower until the end of the day.

Types of Electric Folding Bikes

The general range of electric folding bikes is classified into two groups: Pedelecs and Speed Bikes.

Pedelecs, are the only bicycles that, for legal purposes, are on a par with the conventional bicycle. They are exempt from registration, insurance, driving licence and motor vehicle tax if they meet the following requirements:

  • The power of the motor must not exceed 250 W.
  • Pedalling is necessary in order for the motor to assist.
  • The pedal assist speed must not go over 25 km/h

Speed Bikes or 45 km/h bikes exceed these limitations. In Europe, they are considered as mopeds, not bicycles, and they require registration, insurance and a driving licence and cannot circulate on bicycle lanes. Although none of the usual European brands manufacture folding Speed Bikes, it is worth understanding how they differ from pedelecs, in case you are thinking of alternative models from other distribution channels. If you buy an unregistered Speed Bike, it first has to be registered and pass the MOT, in order to apply for the Technical Inspection Card and the Circulation Licence.

Comparison of the Best Electric Folding Bikes

Of all the types and price ranges, you can see the best brands of electric bikes in the electric bike section of our website.

To help you choose, we have made a comparison of electric folding bikes, based on the entire collection of selected brands in our shops. This classification can be used as a reference guide and adapted according to your needs or priorities. It was not easy to select the top quality bikes and the choice could have easily been different if based on a different user profile.

We have listed our preferences of the best folding electric bikes, according to various parameters:

  • The difference or originality of certain designs
  • Technological innovation
  • The integration of electric components
  • Quality of the bicycle

Some appear on the list because they are the best in their class in some or all of the aspects mentioned, others because they provide ingenious and highly functional solutions and, in other cases, because they are among the best electric folding bicycles in terms of value for money.

Folding bikes are the best solution if you have a problem with space or have to combine the use of the bike with other means of transport.

It is much more difficult to integrate the motor and battery into a bike which has to have an easy folding system and a compact size. And this is the aspect we have valued the most for our selection.

Brompton Electric

Brompton Electric

Brompton makes the best folding bikes, which are hand-crafted, in London. And, after years of development, they have manufactured the Brompton Electric range of bicycles while maintaining the same folding system and the same size as their conventional bikes. A prodigy of engineering and design that confirms the Brompton Electric as the best electric folding bicycle available. To achieve this, they integrated the 250 W motor in the front wheel hub and the battery in a handlebar bag, which is attached and removed with a single click.

The only drawback to acquiring the best folding bike on the market, is its price, but it can be considered a lifetime investment, due to the exceptional quality of these bikes. We analyse them in depth in this exclusive video of the Brompton Electric.

Dahon Unio

Dahon Unio

Dahon exclusively manufactures folding bikes and has the most extensive catalogue on the market. The Dahon Unio earns a place on this select list, thanks to its easy folding, compact size, light weight and surprisingly low price and for its outstanding quality. The motor is central, but very well integrated, and the removable battery is housed in the seat post.

Eovolt Confort 2022

Eovolt Confort 2022

We complete the podium with the bronze medal for the Eovolt Confort 2022, which is a very comfortable bike with 20" wheels and 2.35" tyres, while maintaining a fairly compact size when folded. The weight at only 18 kg is good for an electric bike with that wheel size, and offers extra comfort and safety, especially on poor road surfaces. The motor is located in the rear hub and the battery in the seat post.

Fischer FR18 Folding Bike

Fischer FR18 Folding Bike

We include the Fischer FR18 Folding Bike in our selection because of its compact folded size, despite the 20" wheels, which makes it suitable for public transport, the manufacturing quality and components and, above all, the maximum authorised weight of 125 kg, which is above average for this type of bicycle, making it ideal for the heavier cyclist or for carrying heavier loads. The motor is located in the rear hub, which contributes to its small folded size.

Megamo Executive

Megamo Executive

We include the Spanish Megamo Executive, as it offers good performance, a reasonable folded size for transport and at the most affordable price in the comparison. But, despite its low price, it more than meets the needs of many cyclists as an efficient, economical and sustainable means of urban transport. An interesting option to consider.

Ossby Curve Electric

Ossby Curve Electric

Manufactured in Spain, the Ossby Curve Electric has an interesting, innovative design that achieves a very light bike at only 13.5 kg. Its clean design and light weight is based on the All in One electric system, which integrates the motor, battery and sensors in the rear wheel. Its performance, despite this integration, is similar to the other listed bikes, with an estimated range of 70 km. It folds in a single movement, although the final dimensions are not as compact as higher end models, such as Brompton and Dahon. But it moves easily, once folded.

At our Mammoth stores and, you will find the best e-bikes as well as folding bikes.

If you are thinking of purchasing an electric bike, you can count on the advice of our professionals to help you choose the right bike for you!

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