Five Ebike Myths Debunked

When electric bikes came out, their huge success was totally unexpected to the sector and its arrival was viewed with a suspicion, which led to a number of false myths being circulated in the cycling community. We are going to look at FIVE of the most widespread.

1. Ebikes will Take Over Conventional Bikes

This is not true. Ebikes are an alternative that enriches and expands the possibilities of conventional bikes. This is because ebikes are breaking down barriers and making it easier for a wider range of people to access cycling and discover a new activity. Ebikes are also establishing themselves as an alternative sustainable form of urban transport in many cities. The really wonderful thing about this evolution is that each person can choose the type of bicycle that suits their personal needs and way of life.

Image Specialized Spain Image Specialized Spain

2. It is Just Like a Moped or Motorcycle

A common myth, but there are big differences between a motorcycle, which is fully powered by a motor and has a throttle, and a pedal-assist or PEDELEC bike, where pedalling is essential and the motor only assists pedalling. The legal regulations on ebikes impose restrictions that prevent the existence of a throttle or accelerator and cut off assistance once the speed reaches 25 km/hour. The power of the motors is also limited to 250W, which is much lower than that of a simple moped and incomparable to that of a powerful motorbike. By fulfilling these requirements, the ebike is legally considered as an all-purpose bicycle and, unlike motorbikes and mopeds, they do not need number plates and are exempt from other obligations. As far as their effect on the environment, the pollution generated by an ebike is much lower than any motorbike.

3. Ebikes don’t Help you Get Fit

Another common myth. But, in reality, the amount of effort is chosen by each rider, just like with a conventional bike, with the added benefit that there is now a greater range of choice. Experience tells us that, riders tend to make the same effort, but it is spread over more kilometres or steeper terrain. Ebikes even make exercise possible for cyclists who would not normally be able to ride a traditional bike. Remember that all electric-assisted bikes have different operating modes, which includes the option of turning off the assistance and using it when you want to.

Specialized Turbo Creo SL Specialized Turbo Creo SL

4. They are Only for Cyclists with Limitations

Ebikes are certainly perfect for cyclists who have some kind of limitation due to illness, injury, lack of time, etc., and for many they allow them to keep up their activity or discover the sport for the first time. They also allow people with different levels of fitness, such as friends, couples, or families, to cycle together and share the experience. Just this last reason alone, justifies their existence, in our point of view. But I'm sure many would be surprised to see how many users with a good level of fitness choose ebikes in order to go further, higher or to get greater enjoyment . Many even have both conventional and electric bikes, choosing one or the other depending on the route in mind. Urban cyclists also benefit as an ebike allows them to go faster or to reach their destination without breaking into a sweat.

Specialized Turbo Creo SL Evo Specialized Turbo Creo SL Evo

5. You will Loose the Feeling of Riding a Traditional Bike

We close the TOP FIVE with this final myth which is, possibly, the first one you’ll forget once you try a quality electric bike. The most common reaction among friends and customers after testing one of our electric bikes is a big smile and the feeling that they've tried something really fun. But the evolution of electrically-assisted bikes is forever changing and their geometry and weight is gradually becoming closer to that of a conventional bike. For this reason, it is always a pleasant surprise to discover how agile an ebike is to handle, compared to that of a conventional bike This evolution is clear in the new Specialized Turbo Levo SL, which complements the second generation of the Turbo Levo, with lighter bikes oriented towards trail and even XC use. This American brand has made spectacular progress in closing the gap, regarding the behaviour of the ebike compared to a conventional bike.

Specialized Turbo Levo SL SWorks Specialized Turbo Levo SL SWorks

We hope that this article has helped you discover a bit more about ebikes and that it is clear that electric bikes have arrived to add and not to subtract or compete, to increase the number of cyclists, add clean air to our cities, add fun and add new ways of understanding and enjoying cycling.

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