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Electric bike motors and batteries increase the weight, power and size of bike frames and for this reason they require specific accessories and components to optimise the bike’s durability, safety and performance.

Image: Scott Aspect eRide

In recent years, manufacturers have been racing to increase their range of electric bikes in response to growing demands, but the design and manufacture of suitable components and accessories has not progressed at the same speed. The first e-bike designs were based on conventional frames, which were modified to accommodate the motor and battery, but the components were the same. Fortunately, this has changed and specific e-bike components are becoming available. Conventional bike components are still the most commonly used for urban and even road use, but many are specifically developed for MTB e-bikes and we are going to take a look at the most interesting in this category, here.

Specific Components for MTB E-bikes

Specific components are especially important for MTB e-bikes, due to their higher weight and demanding handling requirements, in particular for Trail and Enduro bikes: specific shocks, wheels, brakes and cassettes are already available to guarantee durability and a quality ride.


Shocks were the first components to be adapted to the requirements of MTB e-bikes and soon after, this led to the development of specific e-bike forks. In some cases, this simply involved modifying the compression of the shock absorbers with a firmer factory setting to cope with the greater weight of the cyclist-e-bike set. But other models have gone further and top brands have developed new products with reinforcements and changes in the design of their components to maintain their rigidity and optimum performance with greater loads and inertia.

Image: Fox 34 Performance EBIKE fork


Brakes are the most important safety component, but when the first conventional bike brakes were applied to MTB e-bikes, they performed poorly, as they were unable to withstand the intensity of use. Nowadays, specific brakes for MTB e-bikes are available with two, four and even six pistons in the Endurance versions, discs with diameters of 200 mm or special pads, such as those developed by Galfer and OnOff, for example.

Image: Mondraker

The Drivetrain

The drivetrain also has to adapt to the demands of higher pedalling power with sharper acceleration and higher speeds. Most MTB e-bikes have a central motor, which integrates the crankset. More and more models are using specific e-bike chains, which are thicker and reinforced, and some brands have launched complete groupsets for e-bikes, such as the Sram EX1 1x8.

Specialized Turbo Levo Image: Specialized Turbo Levo

Wheels and Tyres

Brands have already started to launch some eMTB specific wheels and tyres and the range is growing fast. Except for the lightest hardtails, Trail and Enduro wheels and tyres are usually fitted, with generous rim widths of 30 to 35 mm and tyres between 2.3" and 2.6" for the most radical bikes.

Vittoria e-Mazza Tyre Image: Vittoria e-Mazza Tyre

E-bike Racks

It is important to choose an e-bike car rack that adapts to the dimensions and weight of the e-bike, otherwise it would either not be possible to mount the bike or it would be positioned precariously.

In our article on How to choose a bike rack, we explain the pros and cons, but fewer options are available for e-bikes. The average weight of an electric bike is over 20 kg and the oversized diagonal tubes rule out many models. It would be difficult, for example, to find a boot rack that is compatible.

Only the highest quality roof bike racks are compatible with e-bikes, and only up to 20kg max. and few have mounting systems that are compatible with e-bike tubes. If your bike is under 20 kg, roof racks, such as the Thule Proride, Thule Upride or the Hast Granfondo would be suitable.

The towbar models offer the best solution and among the many brands available at Mammoth, you will find a number of models that are compatible with electric bikes.

Image by Thule Spain

Anti-theft Systems for E-bikes

An anti-theft device is essential if you need to be separated from your bike during use, especially in urban environments. As e-bikes usually require a much higher investment, you will want to pay special attention to its security, both for your peace of mind and approval by insurance companies. It is important to look at the security rating of anti-theft devices. Some brands use 1 to 5 stars and the minimum rating we recommend for bikes over a certain value that can be approved by insurance companies is 3. Such levels of security can only be achieved with quality locks and are well worth the investment. A 3-star chain and padlock is easy to carry in your backpack, and the most secure types for urban biking are the U-lock and folding models, which can be easily integrated into the frame with their brackets. Securing the battery with a lock is also important, as this is an expensive item and therefore also a target for theft.

For more information, we recommend the following video from our channel with security tips to prevent bike theft and an overview of the different types of locks.

Image by Abus

Cleaning and Lubricating E-bikes

Certain precautions are required when cleaning electronic components, and especially connections, so specific cleaning products have been developed for e-bikes. Quick-drying cleaners, such as the Finish Line E-Bike cleaner, ensure that these components are cleaned without causing damage.

There are also specific e-bike lubricants, such as those developed by Finish Line and Muc-Off, which you can find at Mammoth.

Watch How to clean a and lubricate an e-bike in this video on our Youtube channel:


Although many specific products have already been developed for MTB e-bikes, the entire electric bike sector is undergoing a continuous and unstoppable evolution and there is no doubt that accessories and components will follow, to optimise performance and safety. We recommend you keep an eye out for new products, which will contribute to making your electric bike, especially MTB, a much more enjoyable experience.

In our Mammoth shops and online store our specialists will help you find the widest range of electric bikes and complementary products.

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