The Ten Top Bike Parks in Spain and Andorra

Among the wide range of infrastructures for mountain biking that you can enjoy around Spain, we have selected a list of the ten best Spanish bike parks, so you can start planning your next adventures.

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What is a bike park?

In a mountainous country with a great fondness for mountain biking, it is logical that an ambitious network of bike parks and MTB centers is being developed. These are becoming highly sought-after destinations for national and international cyclists.

A bike park is an enclosed and restricted area for cycling. They have prepared and marked trails for exclusive use, with different levels of difficulty. Most often they are Enduro or downhill trails, many of them with some kind of lift system. In many cases, they are ski resorts that are reused in the summer, when there is no snow, and bicycle circuits are laid out and the same button lifts and chair lifts from the ski resort are used. Elsewhere, vehicles are used to transport cyclists to the drop-off points. However, with the rise of electric bicycles, mechanical lifts are becoming less and less necessary.

The MTB centers, on the other hand, are not closed. The routes are marked and graded by difficulty, but are free-flowing and less extreme. Although it is also becoming common for bike parks to offer trails with less elevation gain and technical difficulty for trail and cross country cyclists.

The Best Bike Parks

The highest density of these infrastructures is concentrated in the Pyrenees and up to five of the selected centers are located in the surroundings of this mountain range, where you can find many more. The other five are distributed throughout the rest of the peninsula, so that we will all have one of these bike parks at a reasonable distance from our home, to enjoy a weekend or a long weekend of its fun trails in spectacular scenery.

We have included neighboring Andorra in the selection, due to its physical proximity and the links that unite us with the Principality. And because, speaking of the Pyrenees and bike parks, there are the most important ones in the Peninsula.

There are many that are left out of the list and we hope that those selected will serve as a reference and inspiration to encourage you to get to know others. This is our selection, ordered by geographic criteria and not by quality:

Bike Park Location Trail (km) Opening Dates Disciplines
1 Vallnord Andorra 40 June to September DH, Enduro and XC
2 La Molina Girona 38 June to September DH, Enduro and XC
3 Zona Zero Pyrenees Huesca 300 All Year Round Enduro and XC
4 Panticosa Huesca 25 June to September DH, Enduro and XC
5 IrriSarri Land Navarra 10 March to December DH, Enduro and Dirt Jump
6 Manzaneda Orense 14 April to October DH, Enduro and XC
7 La Pinilla Segovia 15 April to November DH and Enduro
8 La Fenasosa Alicante 30 All Year Round, Except August DH, Enduro and XC
9 Sierra Nevada Grenada 38 June to September DH, Enduro and XC
10 La Poma Barcelona Circuits All Year Round Dirt, BMX, Trial and MTB

1 - Bike Park Vallnord

Bike Park Vallnord Bike Park Vallnord

Located in Andorra, it is one of the most important mountain biking destinations in Europe. It has more than 40 kilometers of downhill and Enduro trails, in addition to a variety of Cross Country trails.

The Vallnord Bike Park is divided into three zones: Pal, Arinsal and Ordino.

  • The Pal area is the largest and has 28 downhill slopes, including some of the most technical in the park, as well as a 4X circuit.
  • The Arinsal area is the most accessible and offers slopes for beginners and experts, as well as a pump track and a children's playground.
  • The Ordino area is the newest and has downhill and freeride slopes in the middle of the forest.

The Bike Park Vallnord has hosted world competitions in all mountain biking disciplines: DH, Enduro and XC. It is a true paradise for the practice of this sport in all its forms, offering trails and routes of all levels of difficulty and a wide range of services.

It has cable cars and chairlifts for reaching the top. It has a pump track area and circuits for beginners and children. It offers bicycle and accessory rental services, workshops for bicycle repair and maintenance, as well as cycling courses and schools.

Opening dates: June to September
More info: Andorra Info - Vallnord

2 - Bike Park La Molina

Bike Park La Molina Bike Park La Molina

In the ski resort of La Molina, in Girona, is the second Bike Park of our selection, which is another of the most desired and popular destinations for mountain bikers. It has 13 tracks for DH and Enduro totaling 27 km and a Cross Country bike course of 11 km.

The Bike Park of La Molina offers a wide variety of trails of all levels, plus a freestyle and woodpark area, located in the lower part near the parking area. This area extends over an area of about 300 m in length and has artificial modules built with wood such as superelevations, walkways and jumps at different heights, wallrides and a remarkable dirt jump area with different progressive jump lines depending on the level.

In addition, it also offers bicycle and equipment rental services, cycling schools and bicycle repair shops. In short, La Molina Bike Park is a must for cyclists of all levels.

Opening dates: June to September
More information: La Molina - Bike Park

3 - Zona Zero Pyrenees

Zona Zero Pyrenees Zona Zero Pyrenees

The Zona Zero originated in Aínsa and has spread to the entire Sobrarbe region, in the Aragonese Pyrenees. It is not strictly a Bike Park, but a huge MTB center pioneer in Spain. The companies that promoted the project and the city councils of this region of the province of Huesca, have demonstrated that it is possible to integrate an important economic resource for the whole area such as cycling tourism sustainably, preserving the natural environment in perfect conditions.

The result is more than 300 km of marked trails and tracks for mountain bikes in a spectacular setting. It became famous for its Enduro trails and became one of the most popular destinations in Europe for Enduro riders, but nowadays it has trails for all levels, including beginners. And it has the great advantage that its dense network is connected, offering the possibility of designing endless routes fully customized for each type and level of cyclist, with a wide variety of terrains among which we will find lush forests, riverside trails or steep mountains.

In addition, Zona Zero has a complete network of accommodation and services for cyclists, who have become the main group that encourages tourism in the area. Undoubtedly, a must-see destination for all mountain bikers.

Opening dates: All year
More information: Zona Zero Pyrenees

4 - Bike Park Panticosa

Bike Park Panticosa Bike Park Panticosa

Again in the province of Huesca, we find the Panticosa Bike Park, in the area of Aramon and Panticosa. It is not an enclosed area, as in other Bike Parks, but for free use, and the company that manages the trails offers the basic services of trail marking and ski lifts. It has a main downhill track, which has a length of 3 km, recommended for experienced cyclists, although there are other tracks for intermediate and beginner cyclists. There is also a wide variety of trails of various levels off the downhill trails, which make up a bicycle circuit with a total of 25 km. On these trails we recommend using a full suspension bike for maximum enjoyment.

The Panticosa Bike Park offers two chairlifts for the ski lift to the top of the mountain and a training area with a dirt jump circuit and pump track.

Both in the town of Panticosa and in other nearby towns, you will find repair shops and bicycle rental services.

Very close by, in the town of Hoz de Jaca, the company Bike Park Valle de Tena, offers a wide range of activities, centered around this town, but also reaching the Bike Park of Panticosa.

Bike Park Panticosa.

It has DH and Enduro trails with lifts by vehicles and trailers. But the singularity that has led us to mention them expressly is the important bet they have made to offer the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful environment to more recreational and calm cyclists, who are not looking for an adrenaline charge going down technical circuits. They have developed an important offer of tours for cyclists, including family activities suitable for children. An interesting proposal for cyclists of all kinds to enjoy the wonderful environment of this part of the Pyrenees, both in Aramon-Panticosa and Hoz de Jaca.

Opening dates: June to September
More information: Formigal-Panticosa / Bike Park Valle de Tena

5 - Irrisarri Bike Park

Irrisarri Bike Park Irrisarri Bike Park

Irrisarri Land is a rural resort and adventure park located in Igantzi, in the north of Navarra, 30 minutes from the Basque coast. And, within the park, they have developed the Irrisarri Bike Park, with seven downhill tracks of different difficulties, three tracks for dirt jumping and a pump track. 10 km in total and lift service by means of a truck with trailer that can accommodate 70 bicycles.

A spectacular bike park, which can be completed with the rest of the activities and services offered by the resort.

Opening dates: March to December
More information: Irrisarri Bike Park

6 - Manzaneda Bike Park

Manzaneda Bike Park Manzaneda Bike Park

In Galicia, we highlight the Bike Park of Manzaneda, located in the ski resort of Cabeza de Manzaneda, in the municipality of Pobra de Rives, in the province of Orense. It has eight downhill and Enduro trails, with different levels of difficulty and a MTB route that goes around Cabeza de Manzaneda, climbing up to the summit.

It has a chairlift, Bike Patrol guides at the station, guarded bike parking, washing and shower area and infirmary. It also offers DH initiation courses and an interesting offer of alternative activities for the whole family.

Opening dates: March to December
More information: Manzaneda Bike Park

7 - La Pinilla

La Pinilla Bike Park La Pinilla Bike Park

In the Segovian town of Cerezo de Arriba, is the most important Bike Park in the central area, in the ski resort of La Pinilla and less than two hours from Madrid by car. This proximity to the capital makes La Pinilla the premier bike park in the Madrid area.

Located in the Sierra de Ayllón, the Bike Park of La Pinilla has a total of 18 downhill trails with different levels of difficulty, including a Four Cross circuit and a wood park among the forest with more than 10 wooden modules with walkways and wallrides.

The tracks have a length of between 1 and 3 km with a drop of up to 500 meters and a total of 15 km, exclusively dedicated to Enduro and DH, and very well maintained by the management company.

The Bike Park of La Pinilla offers two chairlifts, bike wash, repair shop, lockers, bike and equipment rental, parking, clinic and, for accommodation, a hostel and a hostel in the same station. They also offer introductory and advanced courses for cyclists and have expanded their summer activities with an interesting multi-adventure offer for the whole family.

Opening dates: April to November
More information: La Pinilla Bike Park

8 - La Fenasosa

La Fenasosa Bike Park La Fenasosa Bike Park

La Fenasosa is a private estate of more than 1,000 hectares. located in the surroundings of the Sierra de Mariola Natural Park in the province of Alicante, with a nineteenth-century castle as the headquarters around which the activities are organized. It is located in the municipality of Banyeres de Mariola, just 16 km from Alcoy.

The circuits of the Fenasosa Bike Park are marked by different colors depending on the levels of difficulty, like the ski slopes, and offer:

  • 20 km dedicated to gravity with DH, Freeride, Enduro, wood park and slopestyle trails
  • Pump track for warm-up or practice
  • Foam pool to practice tricks
  • And more than 10 km for Cross Country and electric bikes.

A spectacular cycling park aimed primarily at fans of the most extreme disciplines, but with options for everyone. From high difficulty descents suitable only for experts, to fun beginner sections for beginners.

In addition to the tracks and circuits, the facilities include laundry facilities, changing rooms, swimming pool, accommodation in the hotel or in wooden cabins, camping area, restaurant, boutique and bicycle and equipment rental.

And one of the most important activities of the Fenasosa are the riding courses, directed by Chus Castellanos.

In summary, the Bike Park of La Fenasosa is one of the most attractive destinations among the Bike Parks in Spain for mountain bikers due to its facilities, the mild Mediterranean climate and the experience and professionalism of the team that manages it.

Opening dates: All year round, except August
More information: Bike Park La Fenasosa

9 - Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada Bike Park Sierra Nevada Bike Park

During the summer, the ski resort of Sierra Nevada, in Granada, is transformed into an impressive bike park with the starting altitudes of its downhill slopes close to or even exceeding 3,000 meters in altitude.

It has 38 km of marked trails and paths that are distributed as follows:

  • Six downhill circuits, with a total of 21 km. Four of them of high difficulty, and two of medium difficulty, suitable for Enduro.
  • Two circuits for Cross Country, with a total of 17 km. and easy technical difficulty.
  • One mini Bike Park with 200 meters for children and beginners with DH bikes.

The Bike Park Sierra Nevada has three lifts: a gondola lift, a chairlift and a mechanical carpet. The resort offers bike and equipment rental, a wide range of accommodation and restaurants, as well as a variety of multi-adventure activities for all ages, making it easy to combine a trip to the bike park with a family vacation. Undoubtedly, another destination worth including in our cycling wish list for the variety of its tracks and the spectacular nature of the Sierra Nevada National Park.

The weak point we have found, on this occasion, is the scarce information provided on the website of the Sierra Nevada resort about the activities of the Bike Park at the date of publication of this article. While waiting to be updated with the start of the season, we link you to the one we found on the website of a specialized travel agency, which we found very complete.

Opening dates: June to September
More information: Sierra Nevada / Estiber Sierra Nevada Bike Park

10 - La Poma Bikepark

La Poma Bikepark La Poma Bikepark

We close our selection with a very special Bike Park in Barcelona. It is located in the town of Premià de Dalt, very close to the capital, from where it can even be reached by suburban train, with the Premià de Mar stop just 1.5 km from the Bike Park.

The Bike Park of La Poma is dedicated entirely to the disciplines of dirt jump, free style, trial and skate, with closed circuits that have been built on an area of 30.000 m² and make it the most important themed Bike Park in Spain in these disciplines.

It has a school of MTB, BMX, Trial and Skate. And the sections it offers are these:

  • Speed Style, combining Pump Track and Dirt Jump
  • Dirt Jump Zone, exclusive for jumps and tricks.
  • Pump Track Zone for general riding techniques.
  • Bike Trial Zone, specifically for this discipline.
  • Street Plaza, which is a multi-purpose skatepark for cyclists and skaters.
  • Foam pool to practice tricks and jumps safely.

As for services, it has bicycle and equipment rental, workshop and laundry facilities. In this case, lifts are not necessary, due to the characteristics of the park.

Opening dates: All year round
More information: La Poma Bikepark

Tips for Bike Parks

With the great variety and quality of Bike Parks that we are fortunate to enjoy in Spain, it is not easy to make a selection. We have chosen with criteria of singularity and geographical distribution, so that the selection is balanced and practical all types of riders. But outside this list there are excellent options, with monuments such as Grand Valira, in Andorra, or Arán Bike Park in Lleida, which is another of the most important Bike Parks of Catalonia.

Aran Bike Park in Lleida, which is another of the most important Bike Parks of Catalonia.

Take this list as an initiation guide to discover these cycling paradises that, in many cases, offer us much more than just bicycle circuits, as you have seen, with an excellent offer of multi-adventure activities, to complement our vacations or share them with the family.

And we end with a few tips, to help you choose your destinations and plan your trips:

  • Consult the updated information on the websites of each bike park. From one season to the next, there may be important changes. Read the park rules, schedules, mandatory equipment, etc.
  • Pay special attention to opening dates and times. Most limit opening to the summer months, when snow activity ceases, and some parks are only open on holidays and weekends. Or they do not have all the services in operation on daily days, such as ski lifts, for example.
  • Reserve your equipment in advance, if you plan to travel without a bike or equipment, with the intention of renting it at the destination in high season. Or at least confirm availability to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Choose parks with options suitable for your level, and progressively increase the difficulty. Facing a circuit with a difficulty too high for us can be very frustrating and dangerous.
  • Do not rule out a specialized travel agency, which can give you good advice.
  • Take riding courses with expert instructors. If you are just starting out, it is highly recommended that you take a beginner's course with professionals, which you can hire at the bike parks themselves. You will be surprised by the results and you will shorten your learning period compared to just learning on your own.

We hope this list will encourage you to discover new experiences and wonderful places to enjoy our hobby. For our part, we remind you that in the Mammoth stores and in Mammoth online, you will find everything related to cycling and the advice of our professionals, who will be happy to answer your questions and help you as much as possible.

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