Excel Riviera W

ALE Excel Riviera W

ALE  Excel Riviera W

ALE Excel Riviera W

Women's jersey


Short-sleeved jersey with an ergonomic fit designed for the female body in a cycling position and a construction with ragged sleeves that gives it a style classic Made with micro-polyester fabric and sleeves, with the sleeve hem in micromalla AIR fabric, guarantees maximum comfort on the bike.


  • Three rear pockets to store your nutrition products and spare parts.
  • Ragged sleeves and collar with decreasing cut to the front.
  • Integral zipper.
  • Security Reflex reflective elements on the back.
  • Women Project's mesh sleeve hem.
  • Temperature range: from 18 to 30 ° C.
  • Approximate weight of 110 g.    

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