Specialized Diverge Men E5 Comp 2019

Specialized Diverge Men E5 Comp 2019

Specialized Diverge Men E5 Comp 2019

Specialized Diverge Men E5 Comp 2019

Gravel bicycle


It has been designed to explore new roads, go to work or class, and everything that comes to mind. This Diverge Comp E5 redefines the functions that a bicycle has to fulfill.

With a completely redesigned box, the new Diverge is here. more trained than ever. It has the objective of satisfying all your needs, and for that reason we have taken into account the one and only request, to have more space for the pneumatic ones. In the new frame you can mount tires up to 700x42 mm leaving space so that no mud accumulates. Along with the greater space for tires, weight has been another very important factor for the design, and to improve it we have set ourselves in some points of the Roubaix, we have created a box of Aluminum Premium E5, fairly light, fast, resistant and highly durable.

Next, we move away from the traditional cross geometry and opt for a geometry that has not been seen before, the Open Road geometry. You're probably thinking that this is another marketing strategy, but no. For the Diverge, we have developed a completely new geometry. With less curvature in the upper tube, you can think of it as a road version of the modern trail geometry on the road. With better handling for narrow areas and tight curves. The new geometry is characterized by having half a centimeter more under the bottom bracket than the previous Diverge, more relaxed, shorter sheaths and shorter wheelbase. These changes make the bicycle not only fun on the roads, but also on the road.

But riding on gravel, or broken roads, you can do with a road bike with low pressure tires that absorb all the damage of the terrain to start the adventure. With this in mind we have improved the new version by integrating into the design of our Future Shock. Not only absorbs the impacts, but also an incredible manageability. This is because the wheelbase does not vary with the irregularities of the terrain, so the Diverge's seat post always maintains its effective angle. Unlike the original Future Shock, the version that the Diverge carries is more progressive and makes it more suitable for off-road practice, where suspension is often more necessary to absorb. bigger potholes and obstacles.

All these features also include the possibility of mounting three bottle holders, carriers and mudguards. All this makes the Diverge a very fun bike. To complete the Diverge Comp E5 we added an assembly consisting of a group Shimano 105, mechanical disc brakes and the sturdy Axis Elite Disc wheels.


  • Our Premium E5 aluminum frame offers our fashionable and inspiring Open Road Geometry, with a 20mm travel suspension, with front and rear thru axle, which makes it the perfect tool for your Next adventure.
  • Light FACT carbon fork, very light, which helps in handling, rigidity and light weight.
  • Thanks to the Shimano 105 you will get smooth and perfect changes, for many kilometers.


  • Frame: Specialized E5 Premium Aluminum, Future Shock Progressive suspension, 20 mm travel, threaded bottom bracket, 12x142 mm through-shaft, flat-mount disc mounting
  • Fork: Specialized FACT carbon, disc mounting, 12x100 mm through shaft
  • Wheel Del .: Axis Sport Disc
  • Rear Wheel: Axis Sport Disc
  • Batteries: 48mm lent valve
  • Pneumatic Del .: Espoir Sport Reflect, 60 TPI, wire hoop, double BlackBelt protection, 700x30 mm
  • Pneumatic After: Espoir Sport Reflect, 60 TPI, wire ring, double BlackBelt protection, 700x30 mm
  • Bottom bracket: Praxis Alba M30PLATOS48 / 32D
  • Bottom bracket: Praxis, external bearings, threaded, 68 mm
  • Shift knobs: Shimano 105 R7000, 11-speeds
  • Diverter: Shimano 105CAMBIOShimano 105 R7000, long box, 11 speeds
  • Cassette: Shimano 105, 11-speeds, 11-34
  • Chain: KMC X11 EL, 11-speed with Missing Link ™
  • Brake: Tektro Spyre Brake Disc Mechanical, 160 mm
  • Rear Brake: Tektro Spyre Disc Mechanical, 160mm
  • Handlebar: Specialized Shallow Drop, 6061, 70x125mm, 31.8mm
  • Handlebar tape: Specialized S-Wrap
  • Potendia: Specialized, forged aluminum 3D, 4-bolts, 6-degree elevation
  • Sill: Body Geometry Toup é Sport, steel rails, 143 mm
  • Seatpost: Alloy, 2 screws lock
  • Open. of seat: Diverge seat post for rack
  • Pedals: Nylon, 105x78x28mm

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