Edge 1030

Garmin Edge 1030

Garmin Edge 1030

Garmin Edge 1030


                    The ultimate cyclocomputer with GPS and navigation and connectivity features

-3.5 "computer with extensive functions of navigation, performance and scontrol of the environment for cyclists
-The Trendline ™ popular route creation feature uses millions of kilometers of Garmin Connect ™ routes to show you the best routes on and off the road
-Garmin Cycle Map pre-installed provides turn-by-turn directions and new navigation alerts
-The new courier service between cyclists1 allows you to keep in touch with other cyclists in your group
-Converts each route into a challenge with the newly updated Strava Live Segments feature
-Autonomy of the battery: up to 20 hours2, expandable up to 40 hours with the optional Garmin Charge ™ power pack.

The Edge 1030 has the latest navigation tools and is compatible with our wide range of cycling accessories, with which you can measure the key aspects of your performance. It also uses signaling complements that will help you improve bicycle safety. With Garmin you can build a perfect cycling network for you, and it all starts with an Edge.

-With Trendline, you will know where cyclists go

Since the Garmin Connect ™ virtual community was created, cyclists have loaded millions of kilometers of routes. It's time to start putting all of this data to good use with Trendline route technology. When the Edge 1030 generates a route, look for the best route among the roads (and trails) most frequented by other cyclists. Although you can also use the improved and renewed function to create Garmin Connect routes to generate new cycling routes based on the most popular routes.

-Advanced navigation with Garmin Cycle Map

Whether you like to go on the road or on trails, Garmin is your guide. In addition to having Garmin Cycle Map pre-installed, the Edge 1030 cyclocomputer also has a turn-by-turn navigation feature and new navigation alerts that alert you when a sharp turn approaches. During the bicycle tours, you can consult the height data and the points of interest, or look for directions. You can even create a complete route with the round trip function. You just have to indicate the distance you want to travel and the direction of departure, and the Edge 1030 will offer up to 3 different routes to choose from. And, of course, he has enough intelligence to return you to the route if you deviate. When you plan a long trip, you can count on the Edge 1030. It has a range of up to 20 hours and, thanks to the external battery Garmin Charge, you can keep the Edge running for as long as you do.

- Messages between cyclists

There is no need to phone or worry about your road mates if they go ahead or stay behind. The cyclist messaging feature allows you to send predetermined messages from your Edge 1030 to your Edge. Tell your colleagues if you plan to reach them in a few minutes or if you want them to go ahead without waiting for you. If you click or need help, you can send a message to your route partners linked to GroupTrack3, so they can find you easily.

-Intelligent connectivity

The Edge 1030 also keeps you connected in other ways. Respond to missed calls or text messages with predetermined messages4, such as "I will be home soon". Contribute to the peace of your family and friends, and even your fellow passengers, allowing them to follow your tours in real time with LiveTrack and GroupTrack. Take advantage of the automatic upload feature to Garmin Connect, download free apps and widgets from the Connect IQ ™ store, and even connect to a Wi-Fi® network to streamline software updates.

-The Strava Live Segments feature helps you improve your performance

Garmin and Strava bring you even more ways to test your limits. As before, you'll receive alerts when you start and end a segment, and you'll be able to compete virtually against your Strava friends through a redesigned second-by-second comparison that lets you see how you're doing. However, now you can also compare your current level of effort with your personal record, with your most recent attempts or with the personal record of your friends. In addition, the new Segment Explorer will allow you to see the most popular and prominent segments near you, directly on the Edge.

-From planning to action with TrainingPeaks

With the TrainingPeaks Connect IQ app, taking the training session you have planned for each outing with you is as easy as turning on the Edge 1030. This pre-installed application loads your daily training sessions directly on the Edge device. It guides you through the training session in real time, informing you about the intensity objectives and the duration of the intervals. After each training session, synchronize with TrainingPeaks to see a detailed analysis and to measure your progress toward your goals. Create a free TrainingPeaks account and launch a free training plan (in English).

-Pan Race Day Power, the personalized training Best Bike Split

Best Bike Split lets you see how changes in weight, power and endurance can affect your target time for the race, and create the perfect power plan for you. With the Best Bike Split Race Sync application, the racing power plan will guide you to make your best time. Just connect your Best Bike Split account to your Edge 1030 to access all your current career plans. Create a Best Bike Split account for free (in English) today and start planning the perfect strategy for the race.

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