Sram Red E-TAP AXS 1X Aero

Sram Red E-TAP AXS 1X Aero

Sram Red E-TAP AXS 1X Aero

Sram Red E-TAP AXS 1X Aero

Wireless group for 12-speed Aero highway.


The electronic group SRAM RED eTap AXS is an intuitive, high performance wireless group. The core of this transmission is AXS, the electronic integration platform that allows you to easily customize the group from the phone and enable your options while riding a bike. The smoothness of the transmission provides a reassuring, safe and smooth trip, whatever the terrain.

The Aero electronic group for a 1x transmission includes the BlipBox SRT eTap AXS, 2 push buttons for couplings, 2 push buttons for handlebars, rear derailleur SRAM Red AXS, battery, charger and cable, and Gui a a of fast start

The SRAM eTap AXS BlipBox allows a simple and intuitive eTap change logo and unlimited aero configurations

The RED eTap AXS rear derailleur has Orbit chain management technology to keep the transmission train quiet and safe, and it's enabled with SRAM AXS for easy personalization.

The rear derailleur includes the optimized motor and the path of the signal for a faster change, and is compatible with existing eTap batteries.

To complete your group, buy cranks, bottom bracket, cassette, chain and brakes

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