Specialized Power Mimic Expert W

Specialized Power Mimic Expert W

Specialized Power Mimic Expert W

Specific saddle for women with tissue for soft tissues. If you are a woman and you do not find a seat that suits you, this is probably the final solution.


Since there are saddles, women have had problems with them. But some see unresolvable problems, Specialized has seen practical solutions. They have devoted countless hours to the research and realization of prototypes to offer the comfort that women have been waiting for so long. With its patented design, Mimic technology has helped to create a chair that adapts perfectly to your body to give you the support you need.

And if this technology is combined with the Power Expert seat, with its hollow titanium roots and level two padding for extra comfort, we get a high-performance seat designed to help you to give the best of you. In addition, it has the Body Geometry design features you know and love, so you can be sure to enjoy superior comfort throughout the day in any position.


  • Patented Body Geometry design tested in the laboratory ensures blood flow to sensitive arteries.
  • Innovative Mimic technology uses multi-layered materials to maintain balance and minimize swelling in soft tissues.
  • Rails of titanium, light and resistant.
  • Padded level 2: medium density padding, good feeling on the bike and with just filling.
  • Compatible with SWAT ™ mounting, with threads located at the base of the chair for full integration in storage solutions.
  • Weight approx: 200 gr.

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