DVD Topo Cartografia España

Garmin DVD Topo Cartografia España

Garmin DVD Topo Cartografia España

Garmin DVD Topo Cartografia España

DVD Topo Cartography Spain


Vectorized topographic mapping for mountaineering GPS, developed from CNIG data at 1: 25,000 and 1: 50,000 scale, in this version extensive road information is collected, roads, hostels, shelters, mountain shelters, lakes, elevation contours, rivers, vegetation, elevation shading, etc. In this new version the frequency of contours and the color palette, which gives an unparalleled visualization.


This cartography is available for all Garmin GPS with ability to unlock and work maps. To facilitate its management, it is presented in a single DVD that allows to install all the cartography at once in the PC. You can manage the maps by zones and load them later in the portable GPS through a USB cable or, in some cases, through the SD card or microSD. In addition, in this new version it is incorporated the power to show the chosen itinerary in 3D provided that the GPS is compatible for this function.


  • The maps show a shading that greatly facilitates the interpretation of the relief, in addition to making its appearance more attractive.
  • When drawing a route in MapSource it is possible to show the profile with the altimetry, which allows you to plan your departures with this valuable information.
  • You will know the plan coordinates and the altitude of each map point in MapSource with just passing the pointer over it.
  • 1: 25,000 scale with MTN50 sheet format.
  • Each map incorporates its number and the title of the sheet in the series of the National Topographic Map (MTN50) for better identification.
  • Drawing of contour lines every 20 meters for better legibility of the map.
  • Blue labeling of the hydrographic elements.
  • 5 different degrees of detail of the map according to the display scale, so that the elements appear progressively without causing an excess of information.
  • Complete coverage of all Spain.
  • This new version has improved the user interface, allowing that in a simple and intuitive way, everyone can use it regardless of the level of computer knowledge.

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