Mammoth Cleaner Degreaser

Mammoth Cleaner Degreaser

Mammoth Cleaner Degreaser

Degreasing cleaner whose formula allows a perfect degreasing of the transmission, as well as traces of dirt in any part of the frame or components.


Mammoth's biodegradable degreaser cleaner is created for use on all types of bicycles. Thanks to its composition without solvents, it can be used on aluminum or carbon bikes without damaging paint, enamels or carbon fibers.

How to use: First, spray on the transmission, leave on for 2 minutes and rub with the Mammoth Transmissive Brushes. Next, wet the entire bicycle with water and apply the Mammoth degreasing cleaner with the sprayer. Allow the product to act between 2 and 4 minutes, and, if there is an abundance of dirt, rub with the Mammoth Brushes specific to each area. Rinse the bicycle with water. Dry with a chamois to avoid traces of moisture at critical points and, in addition, achieve a perfect finish on the rest of the bike.



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